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"I wish a Twinkie would come along. Woo Hoo!"

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Happy Birthday Brad Nov. 25th, 2006 @ 01:42 am

Brad turned 42 yesterday. Let's hope he had a good one!!
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icons! Jul. 5th, 2006 @ 01:51 am
whoo! icons! i went a little icon crazy this time around, so yeah.
i hope you like them.




May. 6th, 2006 @ 08:54 pm
Hey everyone, I'm new here...

Does anyone know which episode of Whose Line it is where Colin and Ryan do Sound Effects, and the audience members who are helping just make mooing sounds everytime a sound needs to be made, causing Drew and the others to fall out of their seats laughing?

whose line video that I made Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:00 am
I made some video montages of the show set to music, you can find the links Here and if you go to
The main site you will find my green screen video. When I see Colin and Brad in March I am going to put them on a disk and give it to them.
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Dec. 4th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm

4 New icons in my livejournal.

find them here.




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» Hollywood FL ALl Star Improv Show writeup
Here are my notes from the Hollywood FL show from 2 weeks ago, one of only 2 shows that Mr. Brad appeared in.

Hollywood FL show 11/9/05

It was my first time visiting this Hard Rock, it was very nice! I was outside the entrance to Hard Rock Live and I saw this tall person in a green jacket starting to walk outside, walked past a bunch of people. I did a double take and it was Jeff Davis! So when he walked outside I said hello to him and he turned around and saw me. I told him “we meet again” and he stuck his hand out and shook mine, told him I met him in Sarasota. I showed him the shirt I was wearing and he thought it was cool. I asked him if he would sign it for me and he said he would, also got my pic taken with him and I gave him the pic of him, myself, and my son from the Sarasota show (and a hug also!). Very nice guy!

It was a charity show, they almost postponed due to the venue, but Drew wanted to do a charity for the hurricane victims, very nice! Laura came out and started to play the piano, and then Drew came out, wearing black pants and a long sleeve white shirt (which later became a running joke) He did his usual jokes about Oprah and asked if she came here. Also made fun of Paris Hilton, and how he is looking for someone with bigger boobs then him. He then introduced everyone, Sean Masterson was not at the show, but Jeff, Greg, Brad, Jeff, Kathy, Jon, and Chip were.

Kathy introduced the first game, freeze tag. It started with Jeff sitting on the toilet and Chip in a praying position. There was a joke about Jeff having a kidney stone, Chip being a slot machine (and ‘where do we put the quarter in’ and they pointed at his back end), Drew was Jonathans jet pack (but Jon didn’t pick him up and instead said ‘are you sure this is how Ryan got his start’ while Drew was straddling Jon’s back), then Drew wound up in a bending over position and a whole strew of jokes came out, like the Drew butt (they used different word) pinball machine, weather map, tennis ball machine, and Chip pretended to be with airport security (Drew was joking about them also) and was going to give him an ‘exam’.

Next it was onto moving people with Kathy and Chip, they were retired grandparents. The person moving Chip at first didn’t get the hint to move him towards Kathy, they had him doing the teapot instead.

Next it was change, but they renamed it to ‘say what’. It was Greg and Brad, Brad was an attorney. The case involved a dead dog and partially molested hamster.

Then it was onto song styles, they picked Tammy who works for albear (sp?), which is a male strip club. There were a lot of jokes about it, especially about the guys being gay and Tammy said they were not. Drew kept asking if she dated any of them. She also went to Bear University (where is that?). Jeff and Jonathan did it in the style of slow blues, very funny. Jon kept pretending to be a bear and danced against the mike stand. Drew gave Tammy some dollar bills and she was putting them in the guys pants and put one in the front of the shirt which Jeff removed with his teeth.

Then they went onto sentences with Drew and Chip. Took place at sloppy Joes in Key West and the style was soap opera. Drew was a gay pirate and Chips dad. There were not too many sentences I can post here cause of the kiddies, but Chip said “I think I have crabs” which caused everyone to become hysterical. There was one that Drew was not going to read but everyone booed so he did, it was funny but can’t post here, ss!

Then it was onto Jeopardy. Kathy was Nicole Richie, Jonathan was Ruby, a dance from the strip club (see Song styles), Brad was Chippy Lebow who is a swamp farmer, Drew was Mitchell Cypress the Seminole Tribe CEO, Chip was Tony Montana a political prisoner from Cuba (which caused people to bust out laughing) and Jeff was Keanu Reeves from the “matricies” (that is what he said is the correct plurization of the Matrix movies). Brad ‘spit’ when Jeff was talking which caused everyone to start laughing again. The first question was cities in Florida, the answer was Lake Wales. Kathy said “another name for Paris” and Drew said “French for Quailes”. Uncomfortable childhood-ADD, Jeff said “my long distance carrier”. 4 syllable words, people could not get it right, one yelled out Miami and another yelled out the “F” word, Greg had a blast with it saying “this is Florida’s education at its best”, so they used both words together. Drew said something about going to the University of Miami. Then it was Indian words the white man does not know, the answer was ‘hey’, Brad said “fancy boat mad out of straw”, elements of periodic table, someone yelled out “salt” which caused more jokes. Brad said “what you get when you combine 2 elements of the table”, Jeff said “next to pepper”. Ice skaters “Brian Botiano”, Chip said “use to dance at LeBear”. Brad then said “I can’t believe I am the smartest person here”. Fashion- ‘purses’, Jeff said ‘pass’, Drew said “what Ruby does when he talks” and Chip said “what you won’t see at LeBear”. Fancy names for hats “beret” and Jeff said “how Canadians say they’re cold”. Things-‘earplugs’, Jeff said “how you call your plugs”. Florida explorers “Constable” (sp?) and Brad said “French for making love to a Lion”.

Then it was onto sound affects with Jonathan and Greg camping, the people they picked did a GREAT job!

Next was styles with Kathy and Jeff, Jeff was big brother babysitting Kathy. The first style was western, and Jeff said to Kathy “I am going to shoot you so full of lead you are going to pee pencils”, Harry Potter, Gay Brazilian Bday party, Shakespeare, Kabooke (which caused others to come out and dance), Mr Rodgers, Tarentino (and Jeff took his jacket off for this), Jeff then laid down and the final style was Porn, which caused Greg to come out and lay down, kinda, on Jeff.

Next was Home shopping network AKA greatest hits, with Kathy and Drew, and Chip and Brad singing. 1 million songs with $5.95 for the CD and $800.00 for shipping and handling. A girl in the audience started to sing the song “our house” which caused Jeff to stick part of mic stand into audience and a few of them singing “drunk girl, in the middle of the audience”. The first song was Country ‘made down payment’, then Greg called in and pretended to be a meth dealer and can’t remember what his question was (this was the first time I saw this being done), then it was a Reggie song “no kids and no dogs”. After this song Jeff calls in, he is Ted a turkey farmer and just mumbles. Finally it was a French balled “just closed escrow and hurricane blew house away” Again, Chip and Brads singing just blew me away, man are they great!!

Finally onto the famous mousetrap game. Greg kept referring to Drew as a waiter, so Drew threw a trap at Greg. Jeff and Chip kept setting them off on themselves, at one point, Chip went over and laid down which caused Greg to say “Chip cries like a biatch”, and called Jonathan Waynes b****. Jonathan and Drew doe it, when Greg asked a lady about a period of history, her response was “when the White Sox won the world series” which caused Greg to set off a bunch of jokes, but they settled on it. Drew slid into the traps showing Jonathan how to slide into 2nd base (Jon said something about sliding into 1st base which caused total hysteria) and when Drew as down, Jon grabbed him and started to slide him. Jeff, Chip, and Brad kept trying to put the traps in front of them but Chip had no luck and he just did not learn, he kept doing it and they kept going off on him, Brad was the only one with luck. Had tears running down face from laughing so hard, it was hysterical.

After the show tried to meet the guys but was having no luck, went to the casino entrance hoping to catch them, I asked the security guard and he said I would have to go outside and wait by the hotel to catch them but I didn’t feel like getting lost. I live where Wilma hit as most of you know, and been thru a lot of stress with all these storms (had some water damage and now I have rotting wood and mold growing) and just wanted to meet the guys. Well I walked around the casino to check it out, went into the bathroom, came out and there was Jonathan. So I grabbed him for a minute, got my pic taken with him and he remembered me from the boards. I asked him if he knew where anyone else was, especially Kathy cause I so much wanted to meet her, so I started to head back to where the food was to get something to drink (was right behind Jonathan, swear I was not stalking you!!) and looked up and there was Chip. So I had a nice talk with him, got him to sign my shirt and pic taken with him, and told him where I lived. He said thanks for coming over and gave me a big hug. I then went and got my drink and walked around some more (had 2 hour drive and wanted to get some leg exercise before the ride home). I then ran into a cute guy we talked and had a few drinks. Well then I knew I had to wait longer before heading out so I walked around some more, I walked around a corner and who did I see? Jeff, Laura, Chip, Jonathan, and Brad. Chip was at one table and the others were at another, so I walked right over to them and they were really nice. Brad loved my shirt (Jeff remembered me) and he signed it and took pic with me. We had a really nice talk, told him was looking forward to seeing him and Colin when they come here next March, showed him the pic on my cell phone of him, Colin, and myself. Also had a really nice talk with Laura, she is really nice. Well then Greg walked around the corner, Chip saw him first. I had made copies of the pics from the Sarasota show and when I saw Chip I asked him if he minded passing the rest out just in case. So Chip went over and got the pic of me with Greg, so I went over with him to Greg, he thought my shirt was funny and signed it, Chip took our pic. Before I go any farther I have to say “what a group of very nice people” and that is so true! Everyone of them was so kind, after all these storms it really made me happy. Anyways had a nice chat with Greg about life and the storms. Got a group pic with everyone, which was cool. I then felt good enough to take off, so I said my thanks and goodbyes to everyone and got a round of hugs, which helped. Needless to say, with the exception of not getting to meet Kathy or see Drew again, it was a great night thanks to a great group of people.
» (No Subject)

I just wanted to post that from now on my posts are going to be "friends only'...Well that is after THIS one. LOL! I love the privacy =) If any member wants to use this feature, you are more than welcome.

» (No Subject)

I wanted to let everyone know this group is on moderated status.

I've never ran a community journal before, and I've been talking with some people in charge of Live Journal and the Abuse teams and they informed me that is the safest way to begin any new group.

It has NOTHING to do with members. It's just something that is done for a new community starting up.

Please pay NO attention if any messages you post are moderated. This is NOT because of anyone who's a member already.

And this won't last forever.

Thanks for your understand, and keep on LOVING Brad =)

» (No Subject)

Yeah!! I'm SO glad you guys have joined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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